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2 Years – GPS Tracking Service

48,00 every 2 years

  • Only 2,00€/month – save 48%
  • GPS Tracking Service Verlängerung
  • GPS Live Tracking against bicycle theft



Extend your GPS tracking service for I LOCK IT GPS now.

The I LOCK IT GPS tracking service includes the GPS tracking functionality in the I LOCK IT APP, the GPS tracking server and the cellular connection data.

  • As soon as the integrated motion sensors of I LOCK IT GPS detect a theft attempt, not only the 110 dB loud alarm is activated to scare the thief away. In addition, you will receive a notification on your smartphone in real time, no matter where you are.
  • You can easily track the current location of your bike live via your smartphone. The bike lock regularly receives its current position via GPS and transmits it to your smartphone via the mobile network.
  • When searching for your bike, the practical close location and signal tone functions support you. No matter if your bike is hiding behind a wall or in a cellar, you will find it!

The contribution of 48,00 € is automatically collected annually by your preferred payment method. There is no contract commitment for you and you save 48% compared to the monthly payment model.


GPS Tracking Service Pricing

1 Month


2,90 €/month


Payment of 2,90 €
once per month

1 Year


2,50 €/month

Save 16% on
the monthly payment!

Payment of 30,00 €
once per year

2 Years


2,- €/month

Save 48% on
the monthly payment!

Payment of 48,00 €
once every 2 years